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Message for New Parents joining us in September 2021

Dear Reception Class parents,

I am emailing on behalf of our school fundraising committee FACES (Fundraisers of Ashington CE School). Under normal circumstances I would have attended your welcome meeting with Miss Martlew back in September and introduced myself.

My name is Shelley (I’m sure a lot of you already know me), I have three boys (years 8, 5 and 1) and I currently run FACES.

FACES usually hold two or three large events a year to raise  money for the school. For example in the next school year (all being well) we would like to host our annual Fireworks Event in November, a Ladies Night Fashion Show in March and a Summer event in June/July 2022.

All the money raised goes back into school. We often buy equipment for the children to use in and out of the classroom including at Forest School. We pay for fun workshops and author visits. We have funded numerous whole school trips to see a Christmas Pantomime at the theatre and recently contributed toward purchasing 64 Chrome books for the school.

Each class in the school has Class Reps. Rep duties aren’t particularly extensive but you would be my first point of contact in your class when we are organising a school event. If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep for your class or would like some further information please feel free to contact me by sending an email to shelley.toovey@gmail.com . Alternative you may find that you already know one of our existing Class Reps and you can speak to them if you have any questions.

They are:

Year One – Eleanor McMichael

Year Two – Heidi Wilson and Clare Sandhu

Year Three – Jane Smith and Marie Teasdale

Year Four – Ann Walker, Lyndsey Daniel and Jo O’Reilly

Year Five – Dawn Isaac and Debbie Benson

Year Six – Sarah Fraser

It really is invaluable for me to have a couple of points of contact in each class and so I would be very grateful if you are happy to put yourself forwards.

We tend to only have two or three meetings a year usually when there is an event coming up and they will often be held at somebody’s house. If you come along to a meeting you will never be made to feel like you have to put your name down to organise loads of things. There really is no pressure. We are grateful to everybody who can come for their feedback, support and ideas and appreciate that you may not be able to commit lots of time. Meetings are open to all parents and are not just for Class Reps.

If you haven’t already discovered it, our Facebook page FACES is a great way of finding out what events are coming up and how you can help. I use it quite a lot when organising an event as it’s an easy way to ask people for help and also, after an event I always ask people for their thoughts and feedback as we need your opinions to help us improve and to keep running events that everyone loves.

If you search FACES on your Facebook page it should come up but it is a closed and private group so you will have to request to join and be accepted by one of the admin of the page. We would ideally like as many parents as possible to join this group.

I also have a parents WhatsApp group for those that are actively keen to help with the running of FACES Fundraising events. All of the current Class Reps are in the WhatsApp group but a handful of other parents are too and anybody is welcome to join. We appreciate that not all parents are on Facebook and would like to encourage as many of you as possible to get involved with our fundraising efforts. Please let me (or one of the class reps) know if you would like to join that group.

Thank you for your time and for reading this far!

I look forward to welcoming you into our FACES group.

Best wishes




Friends of Ashington CE School (FACES) are delighted to have been chosen this year as one of the Co-op’s Local Causes.

If you are already a Co-op member you probably will have received an email asking you to choose your cause for this year.

If you nominate a cause, every time you buy Co-op branded goods over the next year they will donate 1% of what you spend to your community. We would be very grateful if you would consider choosing FACES as your local cause for the upcoming year. https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes

FACES offers opportunities through fundraising, to guide pupils through their first stage of life with the aim of setting them off on the right path. Our fundraising is essential to the school budget, enabling pupils to enjoy treats such as theatre trips as well as contributing towards basic and much-needed essentials such as stationery.

If you are not a Co-op member please consider following this link https://www.coop.co.uk/membership to sign up. 1% may not sound like a huge amount but believe us, this can add to hundreds (even thousands) of pounds. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and seconds to swipe your membership card when you shop.

As well as donating money to your local cause you will also receive 5% of what you spend put back into your own Co-op account. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can add up.

Thank you in advance for your support,




PS – Please find us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/563334177177605/


“Our Facebook page is a great way of finding out what events are coming up and how you can help, please click on this link. Also we’d love your feedback and suggestions for any future fundraising events.”


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