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Welcome to Kangaroos of Oceania



Our Classroom Reflective Area

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our school community plays a major role in school life. Each classroom has a reflective space where children can go to reflect, pray or simply ‘be’.

Worship cross(2)

We have talking about Who we think God is. We have put our ideas into our class book which we keep in our reflection area.

Year 2 Classroom Displays throughout the year

We had a special visitor from Australia. We asked him lots of questions about what is was like to live in Australia.

Habitats: We have been looking really closely at different habitats in the school grounds.

Year 2's Autumn Displays

Leaf Science: We looked closely at different types of leaves that we found. We had to describe them and then see if we could find which type of tree they came from.

Year 2

The children have had fun this term in forest schools. They have been den building, whittling sticks, making decorations and developing their balancing skills.

Year 2 Ice Decorations

The children made some ice decorations to hang on the trees. They filled up some paint trays with water and added some glitter and a pipe cleaner. They left it to freeze over night and then hung them on the trees and bushes.

We had a special visitor who talked to us about fire safety. He told us all of the different things he does in his job as a firefighter and how he keeps people safe. We played a game together called fire safety bingo and the adults dressed up in some of the firefighters uniform

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