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Welcome to Jaguars of South America



Our Year 4 class is called Elephants of Africa.

Our teachers are Mr Harrison and Mrs Stewart

Our Classroom Reflective Area

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our school community plays a major role in school life. Each classroom has a reflective space where children can go to reflect, pray or simply ‘be’.

Worship cross(4)

Year 4 Reflection area with Rainforest waterfall prayers of thanks and our new big book of questions! Question one - 'What does heaven look like?'

Year 4 Aut 21

Zoolab visiting Year 4

'Year 4 had a memorable morning of Rainforest creepy crawly fun (if your idea of fun is holding a giant African millipede or a hissing cockroach named Colin!) with the visit of Ranger Rhys (and tropical friends) from ZooLab. And as these photos go to prove - you can take the Jaguars out of the Rainforest...'

'Year 4 have been taking advantage of the fantastic Yoga Bugs sessions to stretch their Rainforest imaginations. From disastrous deforestation to tireless tree frogs, the Jaguars had all the moves!'

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