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Worship and Assembly


Collective worship is an integral part of school life here at Ashington CE School. The children participate in collective worship daily and also pray as a class prior to lunch break.

Worship themes are inspired by the Christian Values; with a different value being explored each half term. Last half term we focussed on the value Respect and Reverence and this half term we are focussing on the value Truth.

The Headteacher leads worship twice a week and all teachers take worship regularly. All children learn songs of worship with our Music and RE leader. Our children can be Worship Leaders; planning and leading all or part of a collective worship.

We also have visitors leading worship to give the children experience of Christian traditions and leaders. This term Reverend James the Rector at our Parish Church will lead worship, as will SPLASH and also visitors: Jo Jackson from Dalesdown Christian Centre, Reverend Peter Butcher, Baptist Minister at Upper Beeding and Michelle Quibell, a parishioner here in Ashington.

Each classroom has a reflective space where children can pray or spend time reflecting; for example on their own spirituality, relationships or big questions.

We also have Prayer Bear and a Prayer box in our central library space where children can write their own prayers.

Please see each class page on the website for photographs of their current reflective space.

To ensure all our children have an understanding of and respect for difference both within the church and other faith communities we also invite friends from other faiths to assemblies to tell us all about their faith. This forms part of the children’s Religious Education.

Our Official School Opening Ceremony

The Bishop of Horsham officially opened the school as a Primary School with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday 19th October. Our Head boy, Hayden and Head girl, Evie's first official job was to give the Bishop of Horsham a guided tour when he visited to officially open the new building. They also had an interview along with Pip Fairweather for an article for the Church magazine

DioceseDiocese 2

Our visit from Jo the Christian!

"When we saw Jo she told us a bit about trust. First we had a trust challenge we had to trust somebody to pick the right container (the one with the chocolate bar under it). Next she told us a story about a man who had leprosy, he had to trust a messenger to get his leprosy away, he didn't trust at first but then he did. Finally she gave us a prayer. Jo taught us a lot on trust".

Written by Lewis in Year 4

Peter's visit

Peter's visit was excellent because he told us stories and made us laugh. His song was really good because it taught us that it doesn't matter how old, big, short or who we are Jesus loves us all.

We appreciate what he told us and gave up his time to teach us about his religion. The story he told us was really good because it was a tongue twister and very hard to say the words (for instance) camelafantapelaantolope. Peter is funny.

Written by Amelia and Kyra from Year 3


Year 5 Worship

Worship in the woods

Our God- short version .MOV

Jo's Assembly on Dogs Trust

Jo's visit was all about her job at Dogs Trust. She told us about how to stay safe around dogs.

She showed us a Powerpoint. We played a really fun game all about when it's right time to stroke a dog and the three step you have to do before you stroke a dog. The three steps are:

1. Ask the dog's owner if you can stroke the dog.

2. Hold your fist out so that the dog can sniff your hand.

3. Ask the dog's owner where the dog likes to be stroked and then stroke the dog.

Written by Evie and Marna from Year 3

Reflective Areas in our School

Susannah and John take Worship at our School

"We learnt about the Buddhist religion and it astonished us all how they meditate. We enjoyed it so much we meditated for 5 minutes and washed the bad thoghts away. Also they demonstrated how they chant along to the bells. We thought the bells were extremely loud but very impressive and found it very satifying".

From Jayden in Year 4 class

Worship with Lois and Julia from SPLASH

Worship was about Stop, look and listen Jonah 1:17. and Lord caused a very big fish to swallow Jonah. God told Jonah to go.

SPLASH are Christians, SPLASH are Lois and Julia.

Lois and Julia taught Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5. And do not walk away from God and Jesus. So love God and Jesus.

Written by Mason in Year 5


Children leading Worship with Mrs Ogunniyi

Our visit from Reverent James

Reverent James told us about 2how would you feel if God was in front of us".

Emily and Grace thought that of god was in front of us we would be really begging for an autograph!!!

He also was talking about when God met a blind person he made mud and rubbed it on the human's eyes...they were not blind anymore Reverent James showed us a demonstration!!! He also showed us when a human was death he spat on his hand and put it in there ears.

Written by Emily and Grace from Year 3

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