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Our Classroom Reflective Area

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our school community plays a major role in school life. Each classroom has a reflective space where children can go to reflect, pray or simply ‘be’.

Worship cross(5)

Year 5 Paired Reading with Year 2

Fractions in the Snow

Below are a selection of photos of Year 5 children reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of fractions in the snow!

Spelling Patterns in Year 5

Book Week with Year 5

Year 5 wrote their own book, ,The Day the Classroom Equipment Quit'... based on 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers.

Impressionist Art

Year 5 have been studying impressionist painters, we then created our own impressionist paintings of the school grounds.

Year 5 Writing

Suddenly there was darkness over the land. I could see the light was struggling - in the war between light and darkness. Obviously the lights defences where down. It was a year ago that it happened where darkness had the night and light had day but darkness wamnted more, he wanted day aswell so that, that is when it happened.

Written by Grace in Year 5

When Somone Leaves

When Mason left it felt like someone was missing. Like someone had died in a family because any class you have been in will be a family. Whether you fall out or not. I think when Mason left it brought us closer together because Mason was everyone's friend. He would always try to make you laugh, but the thing is that we all will never forget him but he is still with us. Everyone showed that they cared because nearly everyone made or brought him something. Someone leaving shows us that we do care about other people not just ourselves.

Written by Grace in Year 5