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Phonics and Reading

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At Ashington CE School, we use a variety of resources throughout the school to teach phonics (Jolly Phonics, Letters and Sounds and Read Write Inc) but Jolly Phonics is used as the initial phonic system. Jolly Phonics is a program which teaches the phonemes using picture clues, rhyme, song and action. The multisensory approach helps children to embed the recognition, decoding and blending skills necessary for reading and writing.

Within the first few weeks of school the Foundation stage children will start to learn the first set of Jolly Phonics on a daily basis. These daily sessions are active, multisensory, fast paced and fun, with an opportunity to practise blending, segmenting and writing phonemes. Children are also taught to read and then write 'tricky words', which cannot be decoded using phonics.


At Ashington CE School, children are encouraged to develop a love af all kinds of books. Our classrooms and the school library have an excellent range of reading material which exposes children to a range of genres. Each term the children and staff are able to select extra reading materials from the West Sussex Library Service and new books are regularly purchased from the school's English budget. These reading materials often enhance and broaden a current topic or interest as well as provide the children with recently published titles from highly regarded authors.

To support the children's reading development, we also provide 'colour coded' books to ensure progression. Each colour band contains a variety of book publishers, authors and genres. Children are able to choose books from within their colour band and are encouraged to share these books at home with their families. All adults who talk with a child, about these books listen to a child read and / or read to a child, are asked to comment in a reading record book provided by the school.

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