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Our Classroom Reflective Area

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our school community plays a major role in school life. Each classroom has a reflective space where children can go to reflect, pray or simply ‘be’.

Year 3 taking part in Archery

Walt: Understand how fossils are formed

Today we became fossil hunters! Year 3’s were palaeontologists and The Natural History Museum needed our help! Our challenge was to understand how fossils are formed and what the process of excavation involves.

We excavated different mini-beasts from the muddy ice with hammers, pipettes, salt and water.

Year 3 enjoying the Roman Times

Walt: Learn about the Roman Empire and the power of its army and their battle formations

Today we became Roman soldiers with the shields we made. We made the orb – used in battle when the Romans were surrounded, the arrow head used to break through enemy lines and the tortoise used for good protection when arrows or spears were hurled at them.