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Religious Education

As a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, Ashington follows the agreed West Sussex Syllabus for Religious Education. The children are taught the following main world religions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. We also hold many varied services at our local church:

Harvest Festival


Christmas Carols

Easter Service

We are also blessed to have SPLASH attend our assemblies at school 5 times a year. SPLASH for schools and communities is a Christian charity based in West Sussex. They visit schools to deliver faith based assemblies and clubs that promote positive values and behaviour in children and young people. They also support local churches in their community outreach projects across the South Downs.

Please click here to read the R.E Overview by Class per term

PRAYER SPACES VISITED OUR SCHOOL On 28th and 29th of September the children were very lucky to experience Prayer Spaces in school.

Quote from Rory Curran, Schools and Youth Team, Off the Fence

"We were charmed by the relaxed atmosphere and the wonderfully engaging children - we all loved being part of the Prayer Space experience at Ashington!" 

Please click here to read the Prayer Spaces report.

Quote from Julie Abel - Volunteer and Vice Chair of Governors

"Over two days, all the children were able to take part and find out that informal prayer can be fun.  Many of them also said that talking to God made them feel better. They enjoyed activities based around them being unique and special then visited areas devoted to 'thank you', 'sorry' and 'please' prayers. Many of them were also able to ask God their own 'Big Question'."

Quote from Jo Willmoth - Parent

"I was really impressed by the Prayer Space which was set up in the library, in the centre of the school.  It was bright, colourful and fully interactive.  It gave the children a chance to ‘connect’ with God in a fun and understandable way. One of the activities explaining that we all make mistakes, but when we say ‘sorry’ we can be forgiven – the shredder was a great way to show God’s love and forgiveness.  The ‘finger print’ id, was great too – we are all individual ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ as we read in Psalm 139. There were opportunities to focus on ‘thankfulness’ and being ‘grateful’ for all the wonderful things we have.  The wide variety of resources, ensured that whether in Year R or Year 5, the children could participate at their own level.  Well worth a visit for any parents/carers with their children next time"! 

 Quote from Eva in Year R "We played a game. We had to roll a dice and then choose a picture. I chose the singing one. We learnt about God. I liked drawing our faces too. I enjoyed Prayer spaces." Eva also said "God lives in heaven, he has a house, But he comes to play with children most times."

Quote from Magenta in Year R "I enjoyed the dice game. I drew my face and I put my finger in the water!" 

Quote from Zac in Year 1 "I liked the sorry cards and putting mine through the shredder"

Quote from Maddie in Year 1 "I liked the dice game and saying thank you for all the things I've got".

Quote from Erin in Year 2 " I liked the dice because I said thank you to God when I rolled  them".

Quote from Ruby in Year 2 "I liked the sorry area because you wrote what you were sorry for on a piece of paper and put it in the shredder so no one knew what you had written. It means you don't have to remember this".

Quote from Evie in Year 3 "I liked finger printing because it showed you how different everyone is".          Quote from Luca in Year 3 "I enjoyed looking at photos of family, friends, food and things we like to do and praying about what I'm thankful for".                                                                                         Quote from Isabelle in Year 4 "Helps us to learn more about people around the world. One day I want to work with other people from other countries and help them".                                                               Quote from Logan in Year 4 "It was very good because it was peaceful and helped us to think about all the people that don't have what we have. It was kind of enjoying and sad at the same time".                  Quote from Grace in Year 5 "I liked prayer spaces because it felt very calm and aware of God"                 Quote from Evie in Year 5 "I really felt relaxed. All my worries went away, I could do it all day, everyday".

Our School Prayer Garden

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